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Life of Fred all the way through higher levels?

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We're big LoF fans here and I'm just wondering if anyone has used Life of Fred all the way up? I've heard both sides of the "is it a complete curriculum" debate, and we've supplemented it with other materials so far, but I'd love to hear from someone who's actually used it from the elementary books and up into the higher levels (with or without supplementation). I'd *especially* like to hear from anyone who's *actually used it* as a "stand alone" curriculum. Many thanks!

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We used Fractions, Decimals and Percents as supplements. We tried to use Algebra as a stand-alone, but Calvin needed more explicit instruction. He's not a explore-and-understand kind of person, as far as maths is concerned. We went back to Galore Park.



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We started from Fractions and have got as far as Trig. For this student it worked as a stand alone from Beginning Algebra. The prealgebra books weren't out at that stage.


I have used the elementary and intermediate books with another student and I wouldn't recommend them on their own. There are less than 250 lessons in Apples through Mineshaft before you get to fractions. Great as a review, but not the sole teaching for multiple years. I do have the prealgebra books and love the look of them, but have not used them with a student yet.

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