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MCT CE1 question


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i posted this in the middle grade board first, but then thought i might need to post it here.


we've studied Elementary Greek this year, and DS10 has previously completed Prima Latina and Latina Christiana. We have also begun working through EFTRU, though are only about 10 roots in. we LOVE languages in our house, so it's been a natural thing for us .... and delightful.


i'm looking at using MCT's CE1 this year with both DS10 and DD8 (who has only had one year of latin and isn't as linguistically driven as older bro but still holds her own). we did Building Language this past year all together after dabbling in the EFTRU. we like it all. but i'm wondering if CE1 is just going to be a lot of repeat or if we're really going to grow from using it. the samples are ..... :( i don't want to waste money or time doing something that is going to feel like a repeat since he's had so much latin, but i want him to GROW in his understanding of vocabulary, since he'll be in 5th grade .....


i know everyone raves about CE1 (if they are MCT fans as we are), but i am interested in hearing whether that's coming from families who've done independent latin studies prior to that or whether that's due to the fact that CE is their first taste of the deep root connections of latin to our language.

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