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Reading Comprehension help


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Okay. My 2nd daughter is an excellent reader. She actually reads just about as well as her oldest sister does. They can read the same books and so on. Her problem is that there is very little to no comprehension to what she reads.

I have had her read to herself and she has a little bit better comprehension then if I read out loud to her but still not so great. I can ask her to tell me what happened in the story and she barely remembers. Even if I have her read out loud to me too.


What can I do or use to help her with this? She reads about almost a 5th grade level. But she barely remembers what she just read and if its read to her she doesn't remember what you read to her at all.


She does have a receptive delay so yes there is a learning issue there. So what do you do with a child that reads better then what they comprehend?:confused:

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Narrations. You need to train it. Read her very short stories (Aseop's) or a paragraph or two and have her narrate, ask leading questions if you need to. Slowly, slowly increase the length and complexity of the material. Ask her who, what, where, when and why questions. Who is this story about? Ohhh, what happened to him? Where did that happen? Why do you think so-and-so did that? Pretend that you're a dunce and you have no idea what you just read and you need her to fill you in. If she can't answer the question(s) go back and reread the relevant section. Keep it light and fun, don't put to much pressure on her to get it "just right".


WWE (SWB's new writing book) includes full instructions on teaching narration.


HTH, Stacy

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