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Is this schedule too full? Am I overdoing it?


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I need some perspective about if my schedule is too full or if I just need to get my act together.


Weekdays Mornings

-Go to the gym late morning two days per week

-Both kids have gymnastics for two hours another morning

-Go running the other two mornings with DS1


Weekday Afternoons/Evenings

-Volunteer tutor for an hour late afternoon one day

-Coach soccer one the same night as tutoring

-Tae kwon do one evening for three hours (whole family)



-Coach one soccer game Saturday morning

-Church Sunday morning

-Tae kwon do Sunday afternoon for one hour


Work: I don't work for pay


Homeschooling: One in 1st grade and one in pre-school


Other projects: Getting the garden in.


Other limitations: Insomnia issues make it difficult to be done showering and eating breakfast before 10am. I can be somewhere by 10am if I push myself. Coaching a 9am soccer game requires me to take a nap later in the day.


I think it's more the arrangement of the schedule that bothers me. If all my exercise were late afternoon, I would feel less stressed about it. However, I meet friends at the gym and running is with a group. This makes it easier to be consistent about working out.


Does this seem like too much?

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As I started scrolling down, I thought it sounded like too much and wondered when the schooling was getting done. Then I scrolled far enough to see that the kids are first grade and pre-K. If you're enjoying what you do, and it sounds like a mix of things for you, things for the kids, and things as a family, then that's great. If it's stressing you out, yes, either rearrange the schedule or cut back. If the two locations are not too far apart, can you do one of the gym mornings while the kids are at gymnastics, or do you have to stay with them? Could you cut out one gym day or one running day?


Erica in OR

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Thanks everyone! I see that I need to prioritize better. I decided to drop the running class and just run in our neighborhood in the evenings, which will give me two days where I don't have to be anywhere until 4pm. If that isn't enough, I will move one or both of my gym workouts to the evening.

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