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We did it!!

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I am just so proud that we actually got to some lessons today! We bought a house a month ago and moved in March 23rd. I'd only meant to take off the week prior (for packing) and then another week to get settled... but it was waaaay harder than I thought it would be. And THEN I got sick! :( So, I was really trying not to be too hard on myself, or my family. And today we just did what we could. It was great. My girls really have a hard time when they don't have routine... and we've had late nights, new friends, lots of things. I am just so proud of them, and myself, that we got back into our "school" routine this morning without much trouble at all. Of course we didn't get to it all.... but that's okay. I have a real "do-it-right, do-it-all-or-nothing-at-all" mentality sometimes.... :huh: so I will need to encourage myself along as it takes us a while to settle into our new house. Just wanted to share!

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