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Today I am no longer a homeschooler, and it feels strange


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My three school aged kids are in public school right now, my two younger ones are napping, and I'm making keep/toss/sell piles of my homeschool materials. My day has been quiet and relaxed compared to my homeschooling days, but I miss all their annoying noise and chaos. It's almost too easy to have only a 4yo and 2yo at home. :)


My PS kids eat breakfast and lunch at school, so I really only need to make one "real" meal today. Weird, weird, weird. After the bus drops them off in an hour, they will have a snack, play until dinner, eat, complete homework, bathe, and be in bed by 8:30 so we can start the circus all over tomorrow morning.


My head is swimming with all the changes, but I have to get mentally set so I can prepare for my interview tomorrow. If I don't think too much about any one thing and just keep trudging forward, I can avoid the tears.


This transition has been difficult, and I continue to mourn the good things we are losing. We will be OK, though. I know many fabulous public school kids with two working parents. We can be like those families too. It's just going to take time.

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I'll be facing that change in the foreseeable future. It's going to feel weird for me, too. DS is already in daycare, I may never get to homeschool him at all. But sometimes we have to make the best choice given the situation, not given what would be ideal in a different situation.



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I am going through something very similar, although I am not going back to work. The kids decide they wanted to try it out, so we let them. They love it so far. I am doing a summer homeschool program (definitely math, possibly language arts), and I will homeschool youngest ds until he asks to go to school. It still feels so weird. I was busy the first two weeks, so I didn't catch a break. Today is my first day of doing nothing. It was so odd.


The kiddies are on their way home, now, so I have to do the whole "after-school and bedtime routine," which is quite complicated, LOL. Busy in a different way.

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