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Could you please help with LA curriculum?

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My son just turned 10 and is very bright, but we've always lagged with LA because, well...I hate it. I find it boring and would much rather spend the afternoon on history. So would DS!


However, it must be done. We are using Sonlight's Core D for history, etc. but I've never liked their LA program. We've just been using a workbook from Barnes & Noble for LA. I have a copy of WWE 1 & 2 workbooks, and FLL also. We haven't really used WWE because my son's handwriting is atrocious.


I'm just wondering if there is something out there that will help us catch up and not be too boring. I haven't explored the options much. Curriculum is overwhelming! I'd rather see of you might suggest something and I can go from there. We would need LA, but spelling is under control. I've had him using Getty-Dubay for handwriting.


Suggestions? Thank you!


P.S. I'm not terribly familiar with all the abbreviations for different curricula, so if you wouldn't mind typing out the whole name of things, I'd appreciate it!

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Well first I hate to say this, but even though LA are not your fave things imo it's seriously the number one thing to insure success across all other subjects. So there's that.


I would go ahead and pick up your FLL and WWE and just jump in and do them. You'll get a good grasp of grammar and some practice in narration and summarizing. You can double up days and do 2 days in one morning. The copywork and dictation will help your ds in handwriting and having a good writing model to practice. The handwriting in WWE shouldn't be a problem. He'll be writing a sentence or two a day by copywork and then dictation. You may look into Handwriting Without Tears to remediate the handwriting.


You may also want to look into Easy Grammar. Very no frills and quick and easy way to learn some grammar. I'd start at 3rd grade. It will get the job done. Bravewriter is my favorite program, but if you're not loving lang arts maybe something planned out and scheduled such as Writing Strands will get you writing.


Bravewriter would be the most fun from that list.

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Language Arts is an umbrella term for spelling, reading, grammar, writing, and vocabulary.


You might want to consider Hake Grammar and Writing or Shurley English (Links you to a Rainbow page with both programs). Both of these programs begin with the basics and work forward so there is no need to go back grade levels. Both include writing and vocabulary development.


For reading and literature study you might want to consider a comprehensive program that would be different than Sonlight and aimed at specifically developing an understanding of literature and being able to write about literature. Mosdos Press Literature Series

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Since you enjoy History, why not tie LA into that? You can teach grammar & spelling using copywork from History books, use age level readers on interesting topics, and even use vocabulary words from the history books you are reading. It would take more planning, as you'd have to pull the pieces together on your own, but hopefully it would be more interesting to you both.

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