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poll in general ed subforum: How many years of latin you've taught a child.

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I am halfway through Henle Latin Year One. I have taught my children (on second "set" of Latin scholars). I did have an advantage though, as my older two attended a co op class with an incredible Latin teacher who was foreign born and fluent in 3-4 languages and a college professor. I was able to sit in the back of that class and absorb and learn alongside my students. However, I didn't do the homework.


Then, when I started teaching my "second set" Henle high school Latin (thru a co op setting), we have went slow (MP guide) and I have done most of the homework just a week ahead of the students. I am in my 3rd year of teaching in a co op setting and that has forced me to increase my knowledge. I was scared to death when I started teaching high school Latin with only my "sit & absorb" teaching "experience". But, it has not been that difficult, as long as I did my homework/flashcards, looked up info online, etc.


It helps to incrementally stay involved in Latin continually. Obviously, teaching Latin requires this exposure. There is a Henle online yahoo group, these boards and dozens (hundreds?) of Latin sites to use to educate myself and look up answers and explanations when I get stuck. Henle is very self-teaching, so those resources are handy, but by no means necessary. The most effective personal learning has come by doing my Henle homework. I usually do it in 1-2 hour-long sessions and thus it "only" requires about 2 hours a week.


There's one answer. I always say that I am not a great Latin teacher, but I am a *willing* Latin teacher who enjoys the language.


Lisa j, mom to 5 - who got NLE results today for my co op students (WOOOO HOO~!)

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I'm just really wondering? How far have you taught your children in Latin with 0 experience, 0 tutoring, or 0 face to face help. We're at the 3 year point and entering highschool. I've got some decisions to make.



I've taught my son Latin for 8 years myself (2nd - 9th grades), and then we used an on-line course for these last two years (Latin 3 & AP Latin 4). I used Memoria Press books (PL, LC 1 & 2, and then Henle 1 & 2 with MP guides and then MODG syllabi). I learned along with him, and we probably could have continued on our own, but by the time we were hitting 10th grade, I was feeling a little less confident about tackling the upper levels myself, plus, at 15 yo, my son was really in need of an outside course for the scheduling motivation & feedback.


We have both really enjoyed our Latin studies, and I must say that being able to read Latin poetry and the Latin Bible in the original is pretty awesome. My son's Latin studies have really improved his vocabulary, plus since Latin was the language of the educated person for so long, there are tons of references to Latin in older literature, and having that Latin background really makes the study of classic literature & history really come together.


Best wishes as you plan your future Latin studies,


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Same here, no experience, no tutoring and the only outside help I had was the Henle Latin yahoogroup(which was incredibly helpful!)


I went through Henle 1 and 2 with my first two (in 3 years) and now my third just started Latin 3 doing readings that I have selected. The jury is still out on that!

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I started DS in grade 1, (yes 6yo!). Last year, I turned his Latin over to Lukeion. He was 14, so I taught 8 years (at a slow pace, 6yo don't do lots of Latin)

Prima Latina, Minimus, Latina Christiana 1, Latin for Children C, then reboot by starting over with CNED (so he could learn Latin as a French speaker). He did 2 or 3 years with CNED. Then one year with Wheelock on our own. Switched to Lukeion 1B to give him a transition (even though there wasn't much new in 1B). He now finished Lukeion 2 - well in 2 weeks he will, Got Summa Cum Laude on his NLE.

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