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"Dad Stands Behind Bullied Son" -- Did you guys see this?


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I thought this was a very cool thing for this boy's father to do... and apparently over 900,000 other people did, too, because that's how many likes and shares it has gotten on Facebook so far:




Both the school district and the police totally dropped the ball, though, as far as I'm concerned. They are still too busy trying to cover their butts, instead of actually being concerned about the kid.

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Because the kid "voluntarily" went in there he deserved to get thrown down?! What nonsense.


He 'voluntarily entered the area where his alleged tormentor was'?



That's exactly what stood out for me, too.


In that case, ladies, we'd all better be careful not to accidentally walk into the men's locker room instead of the ladies' locker room at the gym, because if anything bad happens while we're in there, I guess we'll deserve it. :glare:


What an idiotic response!!! :angry:

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