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Reading GTD. Having trouble getting "it" together in my head...best way to do this?

Holly IN

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Ok I am reading this book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. I love love what he says in the book and I do think that way. I have the Franklin Covey nice leather binder that houses his planner pages however it never worked for me.


I am currently on chapter 6 and I am realizing I can't get IT together in my head. Now I am lost. I feel like I need to process <edited>ch 4 and do it first then read ch 5 then do that then ch 6 then do that....so on. Is that the best way to do it? I am also viewing lots of Youtube vidoes and the one mom's blog here (sorry I can't even remember who she is but she did the GTD 31 days for homemakers or homeschoolers??)


Anybody want to chime in here?


btw I did get the Zen to Done book and the Switch book which I will read after I get the GTD read and the assignments from that book done.


I didn't do chapter 4 stuff as I have no time to go to the store to purchase anything yet. (sorry very busy working a full time job and homeschooling as well as wrapping my son's senior year here at home and sending him off to college) I do have time however to start the ch 5 process. With ch 5 I am doing the paper stuff however also in the process I get distracted by boxes laying around and putting my kids to work to put them away. I did purge stuff along with paper stuff. Ch 5 says not to do that. I agree but my time is today! Not tomorrow.....sigh


Hopefully you guys can calm me down and see what I am doing wrong. Again David Allen's process makes the most sense to me even though i am getting frustrated with my distractions on to other things while do his assignment in ch 5. Again I haven't even done ch 4 stuff yet. Do I need to back track?




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First I suggest reading the whole book first. Then decide how you are going to approach things. You might also explore over on the GTD website, they have some free papers and things you can down load. I seem to remember one that was a checklist for a big GTD set up.


There's even a home school website on GTD: http://www.pelennorfields.com/mystie/2011/gtdhh/

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