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DH Coaching Little League?


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Not baseball, but today I had the joy of spending 6 hours standing in as head coach for my boy's lacrosse team. We played 3 games today and had a blast.


Coaches (and on this team I'm usually just the assistant coach) do put in a lot of work behind the scenes. I've also had the pleasure of head coaching several seasons of basketball the past couple years, and I have to tell you that for all the work that goes into it, there is a very sweet reward too. There is nothing quite like having young boys and girls looking up to you for leadership and example, especially so with kids that don't have fathers or fathers who are active in their lives. When those kids run up and call you "Coach" and you see you've made a small difference in their lives, it is priceless.


And boy did we have fun today!


Bill (who suddenly has a serious tan :D)





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