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Storing/Caring for Spiral Bound Books?

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I was wondering how you care for/any tips for the day to day life of spiral books?


I hate spiral bound stuff, but have somehow ended up with some. Although the rest of the will be sold, I have Oak Meadow K & 1 (and will eventually have the following years as well).


These are two very thick, wobbily books. I usually lay them down seperately on the shelf, and the back cover and front covers sort of get rubbed against the binding. It takes up loads of space and its still not protecting them anyway. Books that big should not be spiral bound, that or they should figure out how to protect it better.


So any tips/helps, anything????

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I love spiral bound books and like to have my regular books sliced and spiral bound. I have often taken a large book and bound it in two volumes. I would suggest taking it to your nearest office store and they can split the volume (you tell them where) and put a sturdy clear cover on the front and back. Copy the table of contents and/or the index for the second book if it will make it more useful to you. I really like to customize my books, sometimes even rearranging sections to make them useful. You'll find two smaller volumes more manageable.


I store my spirals in a magazine box for daily use. When I stash them away for future years, I lay them flat in the boxes. I use a post-it sticky tab for a bookmark and that limits the individual page flipping that can weaken the binding. I can then flip the book open to the right page in one clump.

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