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Columbus, Ohio? What's it like? Resources?

Harriet Vane

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I can't answer any of questions, but as a former Buckeye I can say that Columbus is a great city. I've read several articles over the past years saying how C-bus has avoided the Rust Belt depression and is still alive and has had growth when other cities are dying.


And the science center is fabulous! I took the kids there when we were visiting relatives and it was wonderful. So was the zoo (or aquatic center maybe, I can't remember).


My impressions of Columbus were a clean, modern, growing city. But my relatives are well-off and live in a nice part of town, so my view may be colored. Perhaps some more Columbusites (?) will chime in!

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Went to OSU about a million years ago (grew up in NE OH). They have since cleaned up High Street and modernized the downtown. Very nice.


Just be prepared for Ohio weather.

My friends who moved from Colorado to OH had a little newspaper snippet on their refrig--I'll never forget it--it was a quip saying, "Sun? In Ohio?" lol


Upper Arlington is quite nice--pricey.

Some of the smaller towns surrounding Columbus are nice, too. Stay away from the neighborhoods directly bordering the OSU campus (imo), esp S. Campus. There are just tons of students. Other than that, lots of nice places to live.

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I think Columbus is a great place to live and homeschool. There is a lot going on, homeschooling wise. Too many groups to name specifically. There is also a classical homeschool school called Veritas Academy that lets you take as many classes and extra curriculars you want, while still be under the umbrella of homeschooling.


The library system is continually rated #1 in the country. It is fabulous, and you can get pretty much anything you need. You can sign up for Mango languages, etc. There is also a new media component that kind of works like Netflix, but all free with your library card.


The Metro Parks are also great and offer lots of free homeschool programs. The Columbus Zoo is also a top-rated zoo, and has special homeschool programs that are great and reasonably priced.


As far as neighborhoods go, if you tell me what you are looking for, I can try to help steer you in the right direction.

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