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what to do with reluctant writers


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Both of my boys break down when I ask them to even write one sentence by sound out words. I have to spell everyword and hold hands through the entire process. It's so frustrating for me that we don't even mess with writing now. Next year they will be in 1st and 2/3rd. My older son is behind and struggles with reading still so I will be combing them in almost everything. What kind of program can you recomend that would help build up their writing so it wasn't a crying fest when it was time to write even a simple sentence?

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You are not alone. I have boys who don't want to write or type either one. I had the best success with IEW in a co-op setting and I learned a lot too about IEW. I was disappointed though to not have it run smooth at home as we could not join the co-op. I have had better success with copy work and am starting cursive copy work now.


I cannot endorse any one program, but I can tell you I am listening to the podcasts by Julie Bogart and I did go ahead and purchase The Writer's Jungle as well as some of the Arrow and Boomerang back issues through Home school buyers co-op and I am reading the book I printed out and am impressed so far.


I recommend at least listening to the podcasts on Bravewriter site to see if the philosophy is appealing to you. I am impressed with Julie.


I am also checking out Logic of English for Spelling and Grammar.


AAS/AAR are recommended by many home schoolers as well

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