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I'm being bad today...


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My oldest son has a friend over to play video games, the downstairs is filled with whooping and hollering and I don't even know what. The older two are similarly self entertained - dd is making club penguin walk through videos (apparently there is a great demand for this, something my oldest son refuses to believe lol) and yds is playing his own video games. I've ordered pizza for lunch and I'm going to watch dark shadows while I eat. Why am I being bad? Well, one thing is I don't allow yds to spend much time on video games, but I gave in today so he'd leave his older brother alone. Pizza is pretty much not allowed on our diet, but we aren't on it for allergies (not them, but I probably do have some of my own) but I am buying pizza for lunch because I don't want to ask a 13 year old boy guest to eat quinoa and a salad (he is pretty much not in to dietary things anyway, and has lots of junk available to him). I called it a treat and threw in my towel for the day (and, yeah, I got myself a small Hawaiin pizza because if they are going to fall off the wagon, so will I lol).


I'm tired, I got next to no sleep last night, had to take dd to the dr at 8 am this morning, have a house full of kids....I'm taking the easy way out. So sue me :p

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