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How long are the video lessons in Teaching Textbooks?

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Geometry in particular, but please answer if you have a different level, I bet they are similar.


I'm looking at this for next year, but I know dd will not have patience for really long videos each day (she ran away screaming when we previewed chalkdust, lol). She likes Thinkwell b/c the videos are nice and short, but after the crying festival this year that we called algebra, I'm wondering if Thinkwell will be too much. Although I do remember from my school days that most students preferred one or the other (so if you didn't like algebra, you probably will like geometry more).


She scored above average in math on the practice SAT with no prep, but you'd never know it!!



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Go pull up the samples on the TT website. The geo right now is not interactive but may be updated by fall. Look at the alg 1 or 2.


BTW, what's OLI French?



I wasn't sure if the samples were complete; the one I listened to sounded like it started nearly mid-sentence. And I think I have decided to torture her with a return to Saxon, lol, I like the new teacher cds that have every problem broken down if need be.


OLI stands for Open Learning Initiative; OLI French is from Carnegie Mellon & it's free and a full course of study. It has videos and online exercises. Best for a very self-motivated learner, who has a bit of knack for languages. My oldest liked it pretty well, complete bomb for my youngest (7th grade) even at a slow pace.


I really think we are a family that needs physical textbooks, so next year we are trying Break the Barrier and using OLI as more of a supplement. We used Kinetic Algebra this year, and dd could not stand not being able to easily see just how long each lesson was, etc.

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