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We didn't purchase the DVDs. I teach the lesson, we review the words each day, and go over some of the workbook questions orally. One day per lesson I have my older two copy the words, translations and prayers in their notebooks. We also listen to the CD a few times during the week. If we aren't ready for a new lesson, we continue with the current one...I don't have a M-F schedule, so we've often started new lessons mid-week.


If they are just struggling with a word or two, we'd probably move on since there is quite a bit of review. If they are struggling with several words, we would keep reviewing for awhile longer. I'd say we cover a new lesson every week or two.

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When we did PL, I showed the video (or I taught) on the first day of each chapter. The second day, we'd go over flash cards, chants, & prayers. If we had time, we'd start on the workbook. Third day is flashcards, chants, prayers and then workbook. Fourth day was flashcards (English to Latin - which is harder!) & I would sometimes let them practice their words on Quizlet or give them a quiz (from Quizlet). Review weeks were sometimes shorter, but included a test.


There were some words that they struggled with, but I would just include previous week's words in with the other flashcards until they got 'em.


One of my kids used the workbook. The other was younger & did all her work orally (including the tests). Sometimes we moved faster than one chapter per week. Other times, we were slower. We used the CD for review (in the car). It only took a few minutes to go through three or so (two old, one new) lessons on the CD.

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