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Learning Through History Magazine....anyone get it....


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I bought several of the back issues and then got a subscription. I reallly like how it is put together. I use TOG and when I get an issue I just file it with the time period it covers. Then when we are on that time period I will often schedule some of the articles for my daughter to read.

Janis in DE

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Do you use it? have you been happy, worth the money???


I remember it from a while ago, but never purchased it. Just looking for opinions.


Thanks Phlox


I have been a subscriber since 03 or right around that year.... I love them and we read them all the time.... not just because of the time period we are in either..... If you put a little effort into it you could make a great unit study out of them..... and they have a little unit study for the little ones in the back of each magazine.... its not just articles, but book, movie and other suggestions to go along with topic and period of time.



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We had a gift subscription for a year. They are a great resource for the parent.


You know, I found the writing to be very inconsistent. Maybe it's just me, because I've never heard anyone else mention this. And, really, I don't want to rain on anyone's parade or offend anyone, but, truly, some of the articles were so dreadfully written, it made my hair stand on end. I wish I'd had some warning about that.


That said, I do use them and find them helpful.

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