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What are your thoughts on the Calvert Verticy Complete Program

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I'm thinking really hard about my 10yr old curriculum for next school year. I've eyed the Verticy program for a few months but I just don't have the money to try it.

I found out last week that our local virtual public school is offering the Calvert and the Verticy program for "free".


Yes I'm very aware that it's not really "free". I will have to register my son as a Public School student and he would also need to take the State mandated FCAT test at the end of the year.


I'm really trying to weight my options here as I would really like to try the program.

I don't know how I feel about the possibility of having the public school as an overhead.

I've read so many negative comments when it comes to the public schools awareness and dealing with dyslexic kids.

I had a chance to speak with the virtual school guidance counselor . She was very kind and seemed to be knowledgable on the phone.

She informed me that we will still have flexibility in our schedule and we would also have access to Verticy Advisory Teacher.


Any thoughts on this will be helpful!


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Not exactly a reply re Verticy, but if you signed him up for the program, and then did not like it, how hard would it be to get him out and back enrolled as a homeschooler, or any downsides to that? If that would be easy to do, then it might be worth doing this as a trial and see how it goes.

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Have you done the Verticy placement tests, and talked to an advisor there yet? We have done 3rd, 4th complete Verticy, 5th was Calvert core with Verticy math and grammar/comp, DD is in Verticy 6th math now and soon to go into the last grammar/comp (doing other things for core until new year 2014 then hopefully a total Calvert package of 6th with 7th math).


I was thinking that maybe you should be really sure that this is the program for you before you worry about the virtual school implications.


We are lucky to be able to do the program as independents, and are very impressed. DD is now reading grade level books (slowly) and producing okay written work and spelling. Because of using the complete program, she has not missed out on the other subjects while working on the language side of things. I think the only thing that would worry me about the virtual school is whether you would be tied to a timetable of one lesson a day, as we have found that an impossible schedule (remedial work is tiring) and have always worked year round working 3 or 4 days worth of lessons in a week. There is also a lot of work in the program which Calvert says is there if you need extra for reinforcement/extension and you don't need to do it all. I think it would be good to check with the virtual school that this also applies to their requirements.

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No he hasn't taken the placement test. I'm scheduled to listen to the Verticy information meeting tomorrow night. Hopefully I can gain more info on the program and ask a few questions. I'm hoping to have him take the placement test later in the week.

We also homeschool year round but if

I decide to go under the public school we would have to complete the program in 180 days.

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