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Have you ever been so sure you did something only to realize you didn't?

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As ds and I were searching around for his admission ticket to the ACT test tomorrow morning, it dawned on me that I must not have registered him. After all, there was no email confirmation (despite my vehement protestations that there had to be - I remember it.) He didn't even have an account on their website. I have a vivid memory of us going through his email inbox for something else and finding out that he was registered. Oops. I must have dreamed it. I guess he gets to sleep in tomorrow. But, he is now registered for both the June ACT and SAT. Both paid for. Both have sent email confirmations. Will you wake me up tomorrow and assure me I didn't dream this one?

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Ouch. Yes, I have done things like that. A few years ago I paid some bills and mailed them at the post office. Dh asked me if I had mailed them and I told him yes. A couple of weeks later we received a call asking why our payment was late. I assured them I had mailed it on such-and-such date and had the check carbon to prove it. The next month, when the new statements came in, every bill showed a missed payment and a late fee. I knew I had mailed those letters. I remembered going through the post office drive thru and dropping them in the box.


That is until about two weeks later, when I went to drive a friend somewhere and she sat in the front seat. The sun was bright and she pulled the visor down and was showered with that stack of 'mailed' bills.


My kids were young and rode in the back seat so no one ever really sat up front, let alone used the visor.


I never put important things in the visor anymore.

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