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French with dc who are below reading level in English


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I feel guilty that my children have not been learning French, esp. since I live in Canada and 20 minutes from a French Acadian village!

My problem/hesitation is that it has taken so long for dd10 and ds8 to read and write English.

Any rec for oral French programs. I think learning to spell French words may undo all the spelling work in English we did 2007-2008! Help!!

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I had the same concern last yr while doing French with my 11 yos who spells like a 3rd grader.


You know, I am actually very surprised b/c I think it may have helped his spelling. B/c French spelling is sooooooo much less phonetic than English, I think he learned that spelling requires a lot more memorization than simply sounding out. (It hadn't really even occurred to me until I read your post b/c I stopped worrying about it after the first month or so last yr!!)


We used several different French programs last yr (I am learning French with them, so it took a while to figure out a way to do it without my butchering the pronounciations. ;) ) Rosetta Stone is immersion, however my kids liked it the least and retained the least from it when used without books that taught what they were learning.


I bought Auralog's Tell Me More French for this yr b/c it has more grammar instruction, etc incorporated into the program vs being more immersion.

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