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Does anyone belong to a Homeschool Mom's group/ Support group?

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I have been thinking about this for a while. I belong to a support group that is very small and meets once a month. I would love to see this grow. I would love to hear about other groups and how they are organized. =) I am editing to specify that I mean a homeschool MOM's group. We do belong to a wonderful co-op. I am looking for ideas for moms to get together without the kiddos maybe once or twice a month in the evenings, you know just to get out and fellowship and learn from each other. I figured there had to be other groups like this out there somewhere.

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I have been involved with several through a few moves.


The one I am part of now has several things going on. We have a kick-off meeting, once a month meetings, January gym night, end of the year recognition night, park days, field trips, a co-op. We have had a track team and a debate team, but don't this year.


The key is to spread the work around. Folks organize what they want to have. If no one wants to organize field trips, don't force it. Do not do it all yourself!


You can start by brainstorming what folks want to see happen and then ask for volunteers to lead that area.

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