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Blessed Mommy

I Finally Joined!

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I've been reading this forum for many months, and I've finally taken the plunge and joined! Haha! I am in my fourth official year of homeschooling. I have three daughters, ages 9, 7, and 13 months, and a son who will soon be 4. I got my hands on a copy of TWTM about five years ago, and read through it in a week (I have read it two more times since then)! We have followed SWB's suggestions regarding curriculum, for the most part. Next fall, we will be joining a Classical Conversations group in our area and continuing with FLL, WWE, WWS, SOTW 2, etc, etc! My oldest daughter has recently completed FLL 4 and I am super sad there isn't a FLL 5 (hint, hint!). :( So, per SWB, I will be purchasing Rod & Staff 5 and am contemplating whether or not I need Writing With Skill (because I just LOVE SWB's curriculum!).

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