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AAR-Do you use any other Lang. Arts?

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I'm planning on getting this to use with my younger two children this fall (2nd grader and K'er). It looks like it covers a great deal of skills, but I'm wondering (for those of you who use this), do you use any other language arts curricula with this?


I'm thinking you'd still need to do handwriting, but what about Explode the Code? Any other readers? Copywork?


I'm new to this program and am still trying to figure out how we'll use it. For those that use this. . . . what do you do?


Thanks so much! :)

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We use AAR for K and the only thing we add is handwriting. For first grade we will continue AAR but will add in spelling, grammar, writing, and handwriting.


Etc is phonics so you don't need it, and extra readers are not necessary but of course some will read more than just the AAR readers. It is plenty of reading for my ds at this point.

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For my PreK son using level 1, I just add handwriting.

Later next year I'll add in All About Spelling (maybe next spring or summer when he's finishing level 2).

After that (1st grade) I'll add in grammar (First Language Lessons) and maybe vocab (Vocabulit?) as well as writing (Writing With Ease).

But for now he only does AAR and math with read alouds.

You won't need any extra phonics.

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We add in Handwriting for Gr.1 and also ETC, but not because the program needs it. My dd loves, loves, loves ETC. For Gr. 2 we will add in some writing (via Jot It Down) & AAS, in gr 3. I will also add in Grammar.

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