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Why people might not be responding to your messages or posts


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Everyone, I know we are glad the forums are back up! However, let's keep in mind we do need to have some patience (said even more for myself than anyone else), as it might be a bit before they are up to their old speed and functionality (just my guess -- I'm in no position to actually know anything).


I've noticed that there are some threads I can't seem to respond to, and there's no predictability to it. I also discovered I couldn't respond to a message I received, either. If any one is wondering why somebody hasn't gotten back to them it may be because they can't at the moment.


Just sayin'.


Thanks, WTM forum support team! We love the forums, and you!



P.S. Was anyone else channeling the old Mervyn's commercial while the forums were down, plastering their noses to the screen while chanting, "Open. Open. Open...."

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Guest inoubliable

Glad to know it's not just me. I can respond to some PMs but others I can't seem to push a response through to. My avatar disappeared, too! LOL. Anyone else having that issue?

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