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Lively Latin- something similar?


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I’ve used Lively Latin with my oldest son and it works great, he loves it. It’s a good fit for him as he LOVES the history and it’s been fairly easy for me to teach with my own limited Latin background. We are in BB2 now.


I’d like to start Latin next year with my younger son (will be in 2nd grade). I know I could wait to start until he is older but he seems to want to do more things like his brother and I think he’d enjoy it. The older one started in 2nd grade and we just took it slow and I’ve been pleased with the overlap with things he is also learning in vocabulary and grammar.


I’m not sure if LL will be a good fit for my second son though. He isn’t as in to History so I think all the history will be tedious for him, especially as we will also be doing SOTW 1 next year. My thought is to just use LL since I know how to teach it and we like it but to just skip all the history sections unless he really wants to do them. But that seems kind of a waste of $ in some ways. So I thought I’d see if anyone has another program to recommend that might be a good fit for me as a teacher who likes LL and for 2nd grader who is a very good reader and kind of creative/arty.



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If the only reason you think it won't be a good fit for your second son is because of the history, I'd say LL is still worth it! We don't use the history whatsoever, and I don't even want to use the paper and ink for it. But everything else makes the program so worthwhile. If there are reasons related to learning style, then you should reconsider.




A Homeschool Mom Who Knows Next to Nothing but Loves Latin

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