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HIgh school math/Teaching textbooks vs.Abeka

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I have used Abeka for 8 years. My son hates math and is not strong in it. He hates it, so he doesn't apply himself. It takes him a LOOOOOOOOOOOONNG time to complete a page. Today I was told that Abeka is old school. I have considered TT before but was afraid of all the talk that it was behind other math in its levels.

What is your opinion. I have to keep up with his math to be able to teach him. there have been a few problems that I struggled to get right. I was thinking the TT would handle that problem, especially with Algebra. I like the sample lessons and how it looks, but now I need other opinions. Please. You can be brutally honest.


Thank you in advance.

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We're using it now, and I wish we'd discovered it earlier. I have a student in PreCalculus and one in Geometry. What I like:


--Lots and lots of support for the student.

--concepts are reviewed and show up in lessons after they've been tested, so I feel like my students are retaining and strengthening

--things are clear and not too cluttered.


That said, my high schoolers spend 1- 1 1/2 hours per day on math, but they are grasping it and they do well on their tests. One is a "mathy" person, the other is not so much. I would encourage you not to dwell too much on whether a program is considered "rigorous" enough or not. I think that in math it is better to be solid where you are and to move ahead strongly. So if a program works for your student, it is the right program. Also, the programs are very doable in the space of a school year. My sophomore had to finish Algebra 1 this fall and didn't begin Geometry until November. He's having to diligently keep pace at a lesson per day, but he'll finish by the end of June and be ready to start Algebra 2 in the fall. I'm a Teaching Textbooks fan.

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