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Need ideas for my dd5 who loves making up stories, Waldorf perhaps?

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I've been trying to do a little school with my dd5 everyday. She loves doing school so I'm trying to find something that will keep that love alive. Yesterday as part of her math lesson I laid out 5 index cards and hand her place a flat marble on each one. The marbles were various colors. She decided that the red marble would be the king and the blue would be the queen and all the rest of the marble where guarding them. I did not prompt her with this at all. I just told her to place one marble on each card. It seems like everytime we do a lesson she turns it in to some kind of story. I'm not very familiar with Waldorf, and haven't had much time to research it. I've looked over some samples at Oak Meadow and didn't love what I saw but it's just not my learning style. So, I'm having a hard time deciding if it would work for her.


Would someone with more experience with Waldorf give me some ideas and maybe point me to some books or websites? Or even if you don't know anything about Waldorf I welcome any ideas!



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There are a few people who know more about waldorf style of teaching, they probably haven't seen this yet though.


Regarding Oak Meadow, there was a forum that has become a bit inactive but used to be fairly active and you can read through for more info to decide if it is right for you.



There is also a FB group



OM is not my learning style either but I spoke to a lot of people who used it and loved it and while I don't think it works for everyone, I believe it is a good fit for my DS. Since it is so far from my 'type' of thing, the style helps me in incorporating the crafty artsy side where I normally would not implement it as I lack so much skill in that area.

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I think you could continue to encourage this without using OM (or any Waldorf curric) necessarily.




Here's a link with waldorf math ideas. You don't necessarily have to "do Waldorf" or to agree with any of the other aspects of it to implement the story aspect into your day. There are other story ideas. LMNOP is a good first ABC book with a creative idea. Each letter is a shape and a story, M is a mountain, P is a prince etc.


You might look at Christopherus, Live Ed, or even Enki for more ideas about this approach.



Also just keep allowing her to make up her stories. :)

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