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Best time to take ADHD meds?

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I think the only reason would be if the medication suppresses the appetite. Then someone might miss breakfast or not eat as much. I generally take mine first thing but I make sure I have a good protein filled breakfast. If I had a child who took and they had an issue with it suppressing their appetite I'd probably give them the meds after but make sure I had breakfast ready for him/her first thing in the morning.

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I don't know what XR meds are.


I have my son take his concerta while I'm making breakfast. It takes about 15 minutes to make breakfast.


Here's why I do it:


My son is a very picky eater and it's hard to get enough healthy food into him. Breakfast is the one meal a day I can pretty much guarantee will be healthy, which is why I'm stuck making a full breakfast every morning.


Concerta suppresses his appetite. So, I can't give him the concerta too long before he eats, because then his appetite will be supressed and he won't eat.


BUT...if he eats when he takes the meds, the meds arren't as effective and I have a hyper, distracted kid all day long.


Our balance is to take the meds 15 minutes before breakfast. It gets enough of a foothold to be effective, but his appetite hasn't had a chance to be supressed.

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XR are 'slow release' tablets.

The way that this slow release happens, is that the tablet has a coating with tiny holes in it.

Where these holes considerably slow down how the tablet dissolves.

Which means that it will take a while until enough has been dissolved, to have an effect.


So that it's more of a case of identifying when you want it to 'kick in', and taking it long enough before.

It can be helpful to observe how long it takes to kick in?

Which rather turns around question of whether to take it upon waking or an hour after?


To rather a question of what time you want it to kick in?

Then knowing how long it takes to kick in, this can be used to define when it needs to be taken by.

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I give my son his meds either just before, during, or right after breakfast which I plan on being an hour before school starts.


It also depends on the type of medicine and how it is metabolized to some degree whether with food or without is better. I also know that Acidic foods such as juice, or soda can inhibit the Aderral group of medicines, I am not sure about the rest.


DS takes vyvanse, I cram as much protein and healthy fats in him as possible for breakfast, otherwise he crashes mid day and is a wreck and just can't focus.


An apple and spoonful of peanut butter in the early afternoon is easy enough for him to eat, and keeps him from falling apart later in the day. Yogurt is also good, or something like Carnation or Slimfast with almond milk if he is feeling wonky from the meds and needs calories/protein.

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