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Pass the bean dip!


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*Sigh* Once again the autism has taken over the day, along with the giftedness/emotional maturity disparity.

this means I have had to reschedule my entire day. That in itself can be a challenge as many of you know.

Throw in a business partner who just doesn't 'get' why I had to reschedule a meeting and the fact that I don't

feel the need to explain because she's not going to get it anyway, and I'm a bit frustrated myself at this point.


Not looking for anything through this except to vent, because I know many of you will understand! thanks for

letting me vent!


I guess I just wish people would sometimes 'let things be', whether or not they understand them.

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I'm sorry this has been a rough day. Try and be a little easier on all parties involved--That does include you ya'know!--and hope you have a better day tomorrow.


I hope your Bus. Partner comes to understand your childs needs a little better. I imagine it can be very frustrating from their view point, not understanding why it is 'ScrapBook' canceled--it will just seem like you are uncommitted but they just don't understand that you have a special little one to think of and put first. (Even if that little one is a teen!)


I think each of you needs a hug. :)

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