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Combining Lial's with Zaccaro Challenge books

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Thanks to the advice of people on this board, I have been looking through prealgebra curriculum for next year. We are currently finishing MUS Zeta. Right now, I am leaning towards Lial's Basic College Math supplemented with Hands on Equations and one of Zaccaro's challenge math books for a more "fun" day on Fridays. He has no prior experience with any of the Zaccaro books. I'm a bit confused about what I have read about the Challenge math books. What level would you recommend to use with BCM? Should I go with the regular Challenge Math book for elementary and middle school and if it goes well, plan to do the Real World Algebra next year when he is doing an algebra course? Or do you think it would be best to do the Real World Algebra book this year while he is studying prealgebra? If it matters, I would plan to do Hands On Equations before the Zaccaro book. Also, do you think that this would give him a good foundation for launching into an average level algebra program next year? (the ones I am currently considering are either Lial's or Videotext)

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