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Readers with Phonics Pathways?

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We use Bob Books and Flyleaf publishing books. Some sounds are introduced in different orders, but we find it works pretty well.


Also, right around long vowel sounds in Phonics Pathways, we start doing team reading of Magic Tree House books. Initially when we first start, I read a chapter and then the child reads the same chapter (I'm using this method with my 2nd child now). As we progress and they get more confident with the vocabulary, style, and content of the books, we move to me reading a paragraph or two and the child reading a paragraph or two. Eventually, the goal is they can read most of it independently with only a little support.


My oldest daughter found this method helpful. Since she'd listened to many of the Magic Tree House books it was easy to catch on and read on her own. My younger daughter just wants to read "real books." The flyleaf books are fabulous, but they're not chapter books, KWIM? So, we've started using the same strategy with her. When they begin reading I always assist with patterns/words that are unfamiliar/non-decodable. I try to encourage them to figure it out from context and the letters they can sound out from what they see.


So, while these don't "coincide nicely," I find it effective in moving children forward in their reading skill and excitement at reading big kid books.

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