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Inaccuracy in handwriting practice-use or don't use?

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I found a nice set of handwriting practice sheets about snakes, and DD really, really needs handwriting practice. I know from experience that when she's engaged in the subject, she does better with it, with less sighing, less arguing, and less..just general angst, and since we're winding down the year, it seems a good time for fun topics. However, they use the term "Poisonous" instead of Venomous-and DD is downright heated about the misuse of that particular term. I'm torn between "Don't use, it's not worth it", "Use, but correct first" or "Use, and ask DD to edit as well as rewrite". I know good and well she won't just ignore it.


Any suggestions?

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I'd probably say, "Let's see if you can find the error in this passage! Bonus points if you can write it without copying!" :D


(and yes, I'll say "bonus points" to my son even when I'm not assigning any points at all - he still works for those mythical bonus points! :lol:)

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