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NOEO or Elemental Life science for 6th?

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These seem similar, which might be why I'm having a hard time deciding...


I was mainly wondering which would be better for a 6th grader to use independently. A friend said Noeo is very independent. I would like this, not because I do not have the time to work with him, but b/c he is NOT an independent worker and I want him to learn how to work without me. However, I think Noeo also looks lighter than Elemental (not using a real microscope, less microscope work, elemental also has weekly outline/paragraph work) so I'm wondering if Noeo a very strong prog. for a 6th grader. (My friend used Noeo with her 4th grader.)


OR If there is something out there that is amazing for 6th that I should be looking at, please point me in that direction. :) I know BJU has a 7th gr. Life science program, but this is for a very average student with little to no self-motivation so I don't think that would be a good fit. ;)


We are currently using Apologia's Zoo 2 book (swimming creatures) but next year I want to not focus on just one topic. I want a middle school level program with lab write ups etc. It doesn't HAVE to be Life science either.


Sorry if this is rambly...my brain is in the "I've been looking at too much curriculum" fog.... :)

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It's probably one of those 6 of one, half dozen of the other. My 4th and 7th graders are working through Elemental Life this year. It's set up so it's easy to be independent. Both kids loved the frog dissection. There are even discussion questions you can sit down and review with your child at the end of the week. It's been a good year. :001_smile: That being said, next year my son will be moving to Noeo. Elementary Chemistry grammar level seemed light after logic level biology, but I didn't want to throw him into 7th grade chemistry. IMHO you're choosing between 2 good programs. :001_cool:

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I can't compare, but science tends to be weak around here (we're language arts people) and my daughter loves nature, but always calls science her least favorite subject. She choose Noeo this year and it always gets done without grumbling. That is a win in my book and we'll be using it again next year.

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