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Dr. Hive, red cheeks and strange tonsils? allergies?


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Dd has strep throat two weeks ago. This weekend she complained A LITTLE about her throat.


Today pollen levels are the highest so far and this dd has seemed to be bothered by allergies before.


This afternoon she doesn't feel sick but her usually red cheeks are flaming. Her tonsils are so big that they are touching her uvula on one side. She has a white patch on the one that's touching. I asked her to gargle but it's still there.


Could the cheeks and the tonsils be caused by allergies?


I have a really busy afternoon ahead of me and we have spent so much in copays this month of pediatric visits, I just can't deal with another trip to the doc if it's not necessary. If she felt sick, I'd take her in, but I'm thinking it's probably okay to wait and see since she feels fine beside throat irritation.


What thinkest Dr. Hive?

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She could have tonsillitis. She could have strep again, too! My daughter once had strep, and then later she got tonsillitis. She had to go on antibiotics for both, and eventually had to have her tonsils removed. I think I read once that you can get a rash with strep. I think I'd have her checked out again, just to be on the safe side!


(Just adding to this after thinking about it a little more...)


As long as she isn't feeling sick at all, I don't think it would hurt to wait another day. Maybe she could gargle with warm salt water and see if that helps.

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