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How do you handle giving your older kids assignments?

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I've been doing my teaching and citing the independent assignment for the night, with the expectation that DD10 will write it in her planner accordingly. My hope is that she'll get accustomed to listening to me speak and taking notes and writing down information as she needs to. This is something I've struggled with my whole life, and I just now feel I'm making it a habit. I was hoping to help her make it a habit much sooner than I managed to!


But I know that some people give their students a list of assignments at the beginning of the week and expect them to manage their work throughout the week accordingly, and I can see the value in this. Do you do this for every subject, or just for subjects that are done mostly independently (e.g., history or literature reading before discussion happens?


I'm using OLLY, and I'm wondering if I should print a copy of the schedule for her at the beginning of the week, the same way I print one for myself.


Any thoughts on the benefits of one method vs. the other?

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I just recently started making copies of the assignment list that I print out for myself. That way, my kids can stop asking me what to do next. I go ahead and include all assignments for the week and highlight all the assignments that they can do independently. We're on week 3 and it seems to be working for us. I still get that dreaded question and I just have to remind them to check their assignment list.

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The last few weeks, I've been entering math, language arts, and writing assignments into a reminder list that is shared with ds9s iPhone (it's dh's old phone without a phone plan on it). This way he can check off his assignments as he does them. I give him a weeks worth of each. If he chooses to do 2 math and no language arts in a day, that is his choice. He learned the first week not to save the more difficult stuff for last. The rule is if its not done by Friday he will have to sit and do them all until he's finished. It has worked quite well. I was very intrigued by the self propelled teaching methods that are talked about on URthemom.com

It inspired me to start giving him control over what was done when. I do encourage him to space some things out. Like writing a little each day undead of having it messy from doing it all at once. I just drug myself into doing computer lesson planning instead of paper and pencil so I plan on still entering his into the reminder list, but also giving ds6 her own printed list to look at and check off through the week.

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