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I'm ready to QUIT this year and begin "next" .....

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I am so tired.

I need a break.

I mean a real break.


The boys are independently plugging along nicely.

But I am exhausted with feeling constantly overwhelmed and behind with checking/grading assignments.


I have not had a "good" conversation/discussion in weeks.

I've barely asked for any oral narrations... and have "listened" even less!


I got some nice, shiny, new, wonderful books in the mail last week. :)

I'm so ready to quit this year and dive into planning for next year.

After a nice break... somewhere warm.... to be served a long tall beverage with a little umbrella.....


OK... gotta stop daydreaming.

I have to leave the house for work in 10 minutes.


Shall I ask for an oral narration on the astronomy lecture ds17 has been watching?

OR shall l do a notebook check for the biology definitions that ds15 has been working on?


Neither! I shall have a glass of iced tea and begin thinking about "next" year!



Anyone else feeling "spring fever" yet?


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I feel exactly the same way. I've been pretty disappointed with how this year turned out. I'm hoping for better next year. I want to buy all of our curriculum now so I can start going through it all and get all of the planning done before the school year starts. If I have the planning for the entire year done before school starts, I think we'd have a better year. But I don't have the money.

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I feel exactly the same way!


I'm tired and burnt out. The skies are grey and rainy. The boys and dog keep tracking mud into the house.


Notebook covers are torn. Books are a little worse for the wear. I'm happy with our curricula, but tired of the routine of everything.


I want to be on a hot, sunny beach. With any rum drink. Listening to the waves and birds.

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There was a poster a while back (maybe Jackie - Corraleno) whose school year did not run strictly on a regular calendar, so she was starting new subjects at different times of the year. There was a lot of wisdom in that approach. You aren't completely overwhelmed at the start of a new year by working with all new subjects and you could get shiny new materials at various points in time.



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I feel worn down with homeschooling this time of year. My feelings are similar to how I feel when gardening: I really love getting those seed catalogs in the dead of winter and planning my garden for the spring and then waiting for my seed order to arrive in the mail. However, come August, I am really tired of the weeding and watering required to keep my plants growing.

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Oh don't even start about the garden!

My dh plants a huge.... and I mean HUGE.... garden every spring. Then as the summer goes by...he gradually stops taking care of it... then we'll have so much food come in .... all at the same time it seems..... that I am picking and freezing ALL days for days on end.


I've asked nicely for a small kitchen garden.

No, we've got to have the HUGE country gentleman garden!




Back to the original topic:

I think if I organize all of the papers and assignments that need grading or grades need recording that will help me tremendously.

I also need to clear bookshelves.

I also should determine what subjects NEED more assignments/tests/quizzes/narrations... and what subjects just need to be read/watched.


For example: ds15 is making a 100 on every quiz for American Government. I think I can just let him finish reading the book without requiring any more tests or assignments. And, ds17 is watching astronomy lectures to just fill in the time required for a credit...I really do not HAVE to ask for an oral narration.


I still need a break. :)

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We had spring break last week and honestly I really didn't want to start up again. We are essentially done with our 2012-2013 school year. Just finishing up some odds and ends. I won't be getting new materials until September so I'm trying to plan for a enriched + review summer (we school year round)


Last week we had beautiful weather and today we have a snow day (the PS kids will be with me all day) so we are taking the day off except for our reading and our EM daily work all of which will take 45 minutes if that.

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