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4th Grade Math: Convince me that TT is worth 2x SOS


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I need 4th grade math that doesn't involve me. :) The student doesn't particularly care for math but seems to learn best via websites like Always Ice Cream, Math Blaster (JumpStart) and Starfall. So she's highly visual and requires active input to retain the information. I prefer the computer based programs because they keep us on task.


There will be two more students who can use any reuseable materials later but they may have different learning styles.


I was leaning heavily toward SOS just for price and familiarity. We have been using free online sources that are doing the job but I am not good at sticking with them day to day- hence the need for something to keep us both on task.


Other options?

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Have you had your child try the samples of TT on their website? I would to see how they (and you) like it. I have not used SOS, my sister does except for math, she uses TT. Anyway, all my children with their different learning styles use TT and it has been a good fit for all of them

My one daughter does prefer to using the textbook instead of the computer because she needs a lot of hand holding in math regardless of what program we use. If it doesn't work out for subsequent children TT does hold its value and can be resold.

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I think it's worth it because having my oldest use it frees me up to work with my younger kids. I think it's easier to stick with TT than with other programs because my dd does it independently. All I have to do is check her progress to make sure she understands what she's learning. If you're thinking about TT, have your child take the placement test, because you may have to go up a grade level or two.




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