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Which tests are necessary? (evaluations, I mean)

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My youngest was dx'ed this past September with a whole slew of learning challenges --- a complex dyslexia (it's bedtime and I can't think of the name, but the type that is both audio & visual impairment); dysgraphia; possible dyscalculia.


The Edu-Psych also suggested we follow up with a specialist to officially diagnose the Auditory Processing Disorder that she strongly suspects, but can't officially diagnose. And with a vision specialist to officially diagnose the Visual Processing delay/disorder that she suspects, but can't officially diagnose. And also with a pediatrician knowledgeable about ADD, to either confirm or rule that out, as he has poor attention skills. And return to her after 12 months to reassess and see how ds is doing now. Which all adds up to, well, a LOT.


We will be back in the US roughly at the 12 month mark, and are thinking now about what tests we need to schedule for him. We are doing at-home therapies, per her suggestions. We live in Brazil, so I am it as far as therapies go, but we're doing OT stuff for the dysgraphia, we're doing visual scanning exercises, audio training, using phonics/reading programs that follow methods successful with dyslexics, and doing exercises to help improve his processing speed and working memory, both of which were also low.


All that said, once back in the US this time, we're staying, so we will suddenly have the flood gates open wide to access to therapies and such.


We haven't pursued the further testing while here in Brazil, because even if we knew, we couldn't do anything different than what we are right now. Now that we'll have access to whatever he might need, we want to do whatever we can.




Which of those evaluations -- to confirm/rule out Auditory Processing Disorder, Visual Processing Disorder, ADD/ADHD, and follow-up on the dyslexia -- are absolutely necessary, which are do if you can, etc.? Or, put another way, how would you prioritize them?


He is making a little progress; we started in January with all his therapies (had to wait on curriculum to arrive). Not leaps and bounds, by any means. I definitely will want/need outside help with all of this, I'm sure. Where do we go from here?

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I'd probably make contact with a few medical groups in the area of the US where you will be moving and ask what types of testing they offer. Check out the websites of area behavioral health facilities, etc. You may end up being able to get several of the tests done at one location. Our educational psychologist handles the ADD stuff but if there were visual or auditory I assume she would refer us out. A psychiatrist at the office handles medications, prior to that we had to use our pediatrician to prescribe any recommended medications (psychologist could only make recommendations).

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