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Input on MFW lesson plans for Saxon Alg.1?

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Has anyone used the daily lesson plans from MFW for Saxon Alg.1? I know they don't schedule all of the problems in the lessons.....just the most important ones to complete. I know Art Reed says to do them ALL!! Can anyone talk me out of or into buying/not buying MFW's Daily Lesson Plans. I think they are about $15? I didn't think I was going to go with Saxon for Alg. but dd says she wants to stick with it along with Art Reed. I thought these lesson plans might help? (She'll also be using Alcumus and Khan Academy and LOF)........Thanks everyone! Here is the link to MFW.....

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We tried it one year with the MFW schedule, only doing the problems they recommended and it was a disaster. My two who were using the schedules immediately started failing tests (well, getting less than 80% which in our family in Saxon math requires backing up and repeating). We didn't stick with it more than a month and went back to the good old-fashioned way of doing all the problems in every set and everyone was successful again on the tests.


Just our experience . . .

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