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How often does TeacherFileBox come on offer at HSBC?

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I've just discovered TeacherFileBox.com after looking at some of the EvenMoor products.


As I'll be almost certainly using a few of their products, the subscription for a year sounds compelling. I've just recently signed up to HSBC, to take advantage of the MM offer, but what I have realised is that I've just missed out on the discount offer for TFB.


I know it's not a given when offers come up, but does TFB come up once a year, twice or being the optimist more often than that. Looking back on some old threads, it appears that TFB had an offer on HSBC about 3-4 months ago?


If an offer is likely to come up in the next 3-4 months then I'll hang on.



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It seems like it came up at least twice this school year. I remembering seeing it towards the beginning of the school year because I looked at it but decided to pass. It came up again mid-school year and that time I couldn't resist! I think if you can wait a few months, it will come up again.

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