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Getting in Grammar/ English in HS..credits?

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What is the best way to get in English Credits for HS, my son has not had formal Grammar, I waited, which I kinda now regret but..nonetheless.... We need 4 Credits in English, His history includes Literature, we will be doing IEW for Writing and/or Essentials in Writing. Should we do Easy Grammar Plus or Annalytical Grammar? What else would we need? I wanted to do Latin Vocabulary through Critical Thinking also...


Thanks for your help, time has snuck up on me and we are now needing to get a lot done in a little amount of time.



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I believe each state would be different. Most equate the credit with the number of hours studied during the year. I'm not sure there is an actual suggested course of study. Most simply say composition with strong grammar skills. So, that would, in my opinion, include:


Reading, Writing, and Grammar


Although, you could just include the writing and grammar and have the Reading as a Literature credit. I'm not sure.



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