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Appropriate curriculum for 5 year old


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Ladies, I need some of your help pls, as I cannot figure out myself what it is better to do next.

So DS has finished these books and we need something to continue on:


- Singapore Child's Play Science,

- Beginning the Geography , Grades K-2, Evan Moor

- Lollipop Logic (3 books)


DS is very fast learner and speedy reader, so he reads everything by himself but it should be something more his age appropriate, colorful or just with lots of pictures.These books were great for him.

I'm also thinking to add History too, he is currently into the ancient egypt, but do not know what to choose from. Story of World is kind of boring for him yet.


well, would be very grateful for any help.


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Do you have a library nearby? I find that that's the best source for science and history for that age. Lots of good picture books at various reading levels.

without library I would be broke. lol. We borrow 30 books per 3 weeks.

So do you think I should stick to the library right now? I thought it is better to stick to the structured textbook and use the library as additional source.

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My 5 year old is enjoying BFSU1 for science as topics can be covered in more or less detail depending on my child's interest. It does take some work from the parent and you do need to use the library a lot too - I like having a book that tells me what can be covered and then I can do so at whatever level I choose.


My DD copes fine with SOTW but we do a lot of play - acting it out and other hands on activities and I do not do mapwork with her besides pointing out the places on a world map (she is not into colouring in) Maybe go and look at what books Sonlight or another boxed curriculum uses for history and get out some of these at your library.


Both of these curricula use the library a lot to go with them - so you are still heading to the library a lot - some weeks my DD gets much more from the books we take from the library than from the actual textbook and for BFSU I also pull a lot of activities off the net.

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Thank you for your suggestions.

We went through a few books yesterday with my son together and decided to stick with Evan Moor once again. In fact there are even History Pockets: Ancient Civilizations for Grade 1-3, Giant Science Resource Book and a lots of workbooks for language development and writing. DS is obsessed with writing lately too:)

I did not find anything for Logic? is there anything like Lollipop Logic? He really likes it.

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This may or may not help, but someone here pointed me to the CHOLL website. On the page I'm linking below are two links for reading lists for the Ancients at the grammar stage. Those books, separate from the curriculum, might be of interest to you. Of course, the curriculum itself may also be interesting!



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Thats a young level, so even though he's accelerated, you would still want to keep it developmentally appropriate


science: Real Science for Kids Pre-Level Chemistry, plus check books out from the library on the appropriate subjects.

Geography: Galloping the Globe or Homeschool Creations Geo program

Logic: Critical Thinking Co or Tin Man Press. Anti Coloring Books if he likes drawing too.


Other options people may throw out there:


Science: Elemental Science, BFSU, Critical thinking through Science, Super Science Concoctions, Real Science Odyssey, Noeo

Geography: MFW, Winterpromise, Trail Guide through Geography, Geography through Art

Logic: Other Prufrock Press


HTH xxx

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