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Thinking of going to college...


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but have no idea what to do or where to start. Never mind the fact that I'm completely terrified and was a terrible student in high school.


I've been a stay at home mom for over 13 years. Now that my kids are getting older and starting school (I no longer home school) I'm starting to think about my future. There isn't a financial reason for me to work but I honestly think I would enjoy it. The problem is I have no idea what I want to do. I worked for a couple of years in an office as a Administrative Assistant and enjoyed that but it was a small office. I think I would enjoy working in any office. I know that I want to work around others. I also enjoy helping people. I volunteer often in the school libraries that my children attend and I love it. Jobs in that area are scarce since school systems have cut back tremendously.


My ultimate goal would be for my DH and I to purchase a vacation property that I can manage from afar. But who knows if we'll eve have the money or nerve to do such a thing.


None of this really requires college but I just think it wouldn't hurt to take some core classes now but I have no idea of how to go about that. My parents nor my DH went to college so it's all new to me.


Any suggestions?

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It is exciting to think about the future.


Do you have a community college in your area? If so my suggestion would be to see if there is an office for non-traditional students and make an appointment for advising. They should be able to talk you through the different program options and give you a better understanding of costs. The one thing I would recommend avoiding is any for-profit type schools - they often are really good at advertising to adult learners, but the cost for what you get isn't worth a lot and you may be left with credits that aren't worth a lot.

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