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ISO men's tighty whities w/covered elastic waistband

Chelle in MO

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If you're okay with your 'whities' not actually being white look for: Hanes Comfort Soft Waistband Dyed Brief



That might be an option--thank you! Although when I Googled that phrase, the link I clicked on had hip-hugger looking ones! Mr. Conservative won't go for those. :lol: I think unsinkable's link might be the same, but a little higher waisted.


Those were what I was looking for for her, I just didn't know the name. I have them for the boys.


Here's a link.



Thank you for the link, but I doubt he'll wear the boxer brief style. It will be hard enough to switch him to colored--gasp! :001_rolleyes:



Here is a brief with a covered waist...


But what is going on with the model? He looks like he's got an avocado in there.





I didn't notice... :leaving:


Thanks for the link!

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Jockey has some options.



(Anyone else having Sears Roebuck catalog traumatic flashbacks?)


Tell him guys in fancy black boxer briefs get invited to more tEA parties. ;)


Another option--thank you! I'll pass that along. But I'll leave out the part about the teA...that's not a subject I care to discuss w/him! :blushing:


You're funny about the Sears catalog...

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