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About chicken marsala + gluten-free

Julie in CA

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The recipe I have calls for dredging the chicken in flour. I know that this is not only for a nicer browning on the chicken, but also to thicken the sauce as the chicken cooks in it. Leaving the thickening agent out is simply not acceptable to me, because that sauce needs to be thick enough to coat whatever I serve it with, kwim?


So, should I dredge the chicken in cornstarch instead of the flour and then proceed as usual?

Should I brown the chicken without dredging it in anything and then stir a little cornstarch + water into the sauce at the end?


I'm a little hesitant because I need to make this meal and then send leftovers to someone to be reheated later. I don't want a cornstarch thickened sauce to become too thick & gummy as it's chilled and then reheated.


Advice? :bigear:

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I make a nice chicken marsala with brown rice flour. The sauce is a bit thinner, but it is yummy and should not clump.


You can send the sauce in a separate container.


I also use these for other meals, they make a nice breading:



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