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Prentice Hall algebra- yes ANOTHER algebra post

Kathy G

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DD- 11 is finishing AOPS pre-algebra. It went well and is an appropriate challenge. However, her passion is literature, science and arts. Her older brother has done the AOPS series because he is a true mathy kid. DD wants to take it a little easier in math next year and really go crazy with literature and science. So, I am going to try a lesser Algebra book. (Funny how the lesser book is the one the schools use- my kids point out to me constantly that my standards are "off!")


I can get the Prentice Hall Algebra book and guide etc for free. My plan is to do that next year and then see if she wants to go back to AOPS- we would likely have to do most of Algebra 1 again through AOPS- which is OK- she is 5th grade and has plenty of time.


Anybody familiar with it? Honestly for Free- it is at least worth a try for a month to me.

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I haven't used Prentice-Hall for math, but I'm using it for Earth Science, and I've generally been pleased with the content and the depth. It's got enough color and interesting fact/sidebar stuff to keep DD busy, and generally solid content. You may need to reduce the problem sets. The science seems to delight in asking the same basic question with slightly different wording, so I'd expect the math to be repetitive as well.

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Personally, I find PH irritating, as IMO it's pretty much a traditional text (in spite of all its buzzwords about concepts) - maybe not as irritating as most traditional texts, but AoPS has spoiled us. Sometimes there is vagueness in both the instruction and in the questions. It's not a huge deal by any means

If you go with PH, consider supplementing with Alcumus regularly and maybe AoPS videos from time to time.

Since AoPS Prealgebra has gone well, consider whether staying with AoPS for Algebra 1 might provide more intellectual development, more big-picture problem-solving thinking, that may serve her well in any of her other subjects. IMO, it isn't just about the math.

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