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Did you see {WP}

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They announced on their FB page that


We're Excited to Announce that the Newly-released WinterPromise Guides and Exclusives for 2013-2014 and Forward Can Be Resold!


There's actually a lot more info on their FB page about it, but that was their big announcement. Now I just wish they'd not have "special" exclusives in their Download Packages. I still really want the doodle placemats I can't have unless I buy a big package. :lol:

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:lol: I actually choked on my water when I read your reply. ;)


I'm always torn over their policy.. I'm torn because I want to respect their desire, but I'm also aware that it's not actually legally binding. My husband can't stand the former policy & thought it was stupid. I know because asked his opinion on me purchasing an older WP Core. I agree, it's a strange policy & very weird. The way to get people to keep buying new cores is to update the ones you've got. Not MAJOR changes all the time, but fix typos, add a little something fun to it, replace outdated books, etc. If your product is good enough it will stand the test of time.. or something oddly poetic like that. ;)


Having said that, they still stipulate you can't purchase any of their print books if you buy/bought them as part of a digital/print combo. As in, obviously you can't sell digital stuff, but they also don't want you selling the print stuff. I thought that was odd, but anyway..

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