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Pulling the hair out of my head with math !!!!

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My 12 year old dd has definite learning issues and takes meds for adhd and mood issues. we are once again stuck with math and after sooooooo long of these same issued in math i could literally pull my hair out. We switched to life of fred early this year after a year of cle and her being bored. She really liked lof and she reviewed several elementary books and just moved through the middle school ones. So now we are about half through fractions n she doesnt have a clue whsts going on. And after her 6th grade cat test last month, i honestly dont have a clue whats even cemented in her head for math at all!!! What in earth can we do??? Im so done with this as well as she is ... She gets very angry when she gets frustrated. Any thoughts at all as to whaf to do or where to go from here??? Please help!!! Thanks

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The Key To books have simple explanations and are an inexpensive review for fractions. Maybe pick up the first couple Key To Fractions books and have her work through them to see if there is some basic concept that just got missed somehow.

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Khan academy? It is a free online program. She would have to make an account to keep track of her progress. With Khan she can start at the very beginning, basic addition, and it goes pretty quickly. When she reaches a concept with which she is unfamiliar, she can go directly to watch the corresponding videos. This was very good for DS when he started algebra and we realized he had some gaps.


ALEKS is another online option. You can often find free 2 month trials for ALEKS. My kids prefer Khan though as ALEKS does little conceptual explaining.


Other than that, :grouphug: . DS couldn't stick to a math curriculum until 8th grade but since then he has been doing 2 math subjects per year making him on the advanced side now (grade 10 in pre-calculus)

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