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Starting HS'ing in 8th grade. Help!

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I have a 1st grader who I started out homeschooling from preschool, so everything has been a very natural learning experience for both of us, and we really enjoy it.

Now, my 13 year old son, who has been living with his Dad and has gone to PS for his whole life, wants to move here over the Summer so I can homeschool him. I am so excited to have him, but I seriously have NO IDEA how to do this. Where do I start??


We don't really have money, so I can't go spend hundreds of dollars on a curriculum. I need to look for used stuff, free stuff online, etc. We considered K12 online, but really it's just public school at home. I don't want to do that. Anyone else been in this situation? I'm maybe flipping out a bit :D

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Bumping your post for you.


Great advice from SilverMoon above.


Also, here is a thread where folks were posting their plans for 8th grade. Maybe reading through it will give you some additional ideas on where to start or more curriculum ideas. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/448902-8th-grade-plans/page__hl__+8th%20+grade%20+plans?do=findComment&comment=4706128 Then perhaps if you have more detailed questions you can come back with those for more help.



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There are several free lists to sort through on this board. It's been easiest for me to use the free science and history. Math-drills.com is a favorite of mine for practice. You might could combine this with Khan academy or a free trial of ALEKS till you get an idea of what is needed in math. Literature can be done through ambleside reading lists and scholastic teacher guides. Writing is where I put money first, then a solid math curriculum.

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